RealEstateFoundations.com was founded by Stephen Swenson, Tom Swenson and Shade Ferre, cousins and childhood friends. For many years, Stephen and Shade specialized in providing seminar companies with training programs/support for tax lien and tax deed investing. And because tax sales is such a niche investment, most real estate seminars did not have someone in-house that specializes in tax sales. So because of this many companies asked the guys for their help.  

Their training was highly successful, and expanded into websites, webinars, and fulfillment services. Over the years Stephen, Tom & Shade still work with a small number of training companies teaching their students tax sale investing. So the guys created RealEstateFoundations.com as a place for our seminar partners to send their members/attendees interested in tax sales.


A Unique Training Provider


It doesn't take most students very long to realize that TSS is unique among training providers.  Much of this can be attributed to its three founders, Stephen Swenson, Thomas Swenson and Shade Ferre.  All three of them believe tax liens and tax deeds are some of the most lucrative, and secure investments available today.  After nearly a decade in business, and tens of thousands of students, TSS still has an "A Rating" with the BBB (Better Business Bureau).  Stephen, Shade and Tom have helped countless investors achieve their goals.  They understand the obstacles, and they care about the success of each student.


Sponsored by Tax Sale Support LLC


This website is owned by Stephen, Shade and Toms company Tax Sale Support LLC and their parent company Tax Sale Solutions LLC. All the training programs offered on RealEstateFoundations.com will be provided by the guys Membership Website TaxSaleSupport.com. You can contact us at support@realestatefoundations.com or by clicking the Contact Tab below.

RealEstateFoundations.com Special Offers:


We will regularly offer special deals or bonuses exclusive to RealEsateFoundations.com. These offers will only be available on this website. For example the 2-Week Website Membership Trial offered in the 1-Day Online Workshop if only available on RealEsateFoundations.com. So, if you are interested in any of the bonuses be sure to order them on RealEsateFoundations.com. Thanks, Stephen, Tom & Shade